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(Photography is not a memory machine. What appears in a photograph, Sigfried Kracauer argues, is little more than "the spatial configuration of a moment." For instance, if a person is the subject of a photograph, she appears as "the sum of what can be deducted" from her. To search for her history in its granules or pixels is like digging through "a layer of snow.")

(No matter how many copies, how many formats, how many regions and eras a picture traverses, it remains hopelessly tied to the time and place of its making. But a memory, says Kracauer, is not so constrained. A memory "outlasts time" precisely because it’s "unforgettable.")

(Ha is both a photographer and a memory machine, yet we know far more about his pictures. We dig, we ski, we build and topple snowmen. Sometimes, we get cold.)

(In the countless hours spent in exhibition halls, what memories was Ha making? For every thousand photos, I’d trade one unforgettable thing.)

(攝影不是一個回憶編碼器。評論家Sigfried Kracauer認為,照片中出現的他或她,不只是「一瞬間的空間配置」。舉例說,若某人是照片的主角,她便成為了「所有可以從她那裏扣除之物的總和」。要憑影像切出的微小像素來解晰她的歷史,正如在「一層雪」中試圖挖出通道。)