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Adding pages 加頁

Pages may be added via the search box, by clicking an internal link to a page that does not yet exist, or by typing the page —with the title of your choosing — directly into the URL, i.e. For further information, see the MediaWiki help documentation.

要增加頁面,可在搜尋欄按內部鏈結,連接到一個未存在的頁面。或者直接在網址欄中輸入你想要的頁面名稱,如。額外資訊見MediaWiki 文檔指南

Adding images 加圖

Images must be uploaded before they may be used on a page. To select from existing images, see the image archive. For extra help formatting and adding images, see the MediaWiki help page.

使用圖像前,必須先上傳圖片。亦可在圖片庫中,選用現有的圖像。如在圖像設定或加圖上需要額外支援,請參閱MediaWiki 指南頁

Formatting 版面設定

All content is formatted using wiki markup, a plain text syntax. Below, you will find examples of wiki markup followed by the result. You may also use the formatting buttons, in the page editing interface, to automatically apply the correct syntax.


Links 鏈結

This sentence includes an [[automatic link]] to a page that, at time of writing, does not exist. 
This sentence includes an internal link to the [[—glare on a drawing]] page. Internal links are automatically generated. If you’re unsure of the title of a page, refer to its URL:
此句包含了一個指向[[—glare on a drawing]]頁面的內部鏈結。內部鏈結自動生效。如果你不肯定某個頁面的名稱,請參考網址欄:
This sentence includes a [[—glare on a drawing|piped link]]. Piped links are similar to internal links, but allow the editor to differentiate the link text from the title of the page linked to.  In this case, the link text is “piped link” and the page title is “—glare on a drawing.”
此句包含了[[—glare on a drawing|跳轉]]。跳轉近乎內部鏈結,不同的是,編輯者可以在不透露頁面名稱的情況下建立鏈結。例如,現時版面上「跳轉」這詞含有鏈結功能,而真正連接的頁面是「—glare on a drawing」。
This sentence contains a [ link to an external page].
此句包含了連接到[ 的外部鏈結]

Text and spacing 文字與間距

This sentence includes ''italic'' text. Use four apostrophe marks — not two quotation marks — to create italic text.
This sentence includes a soft return, also known as a line break.<br>Line breaks are useful if you wish to break on a new line within a paragraph.<br><br>To begin a new paragraph, employ two line breaks.

Images 圖像

This text is followed by an unlinked image displayed at its full uploaded size. 
This text is followed by an image with a defined width. The image is automatically linked to a page that, at time of writing, does not exist. To customize the title of this new page, input any text of your choosing after “link=”
This text is followed by a few images that have defined widths and have been linked to the page [[—glare on a drawing]].
這段文字之下,會出現幾幅連接到[[—glare on a drawing]]頁面的圖像。圖像以特定闊度呈現。
[[File:Ha-1993-1-33-11.jpg|300px|link=—glare on a drawing]] [[File:Ha-1993-1-33-11.jpg|100px|link=—glare on a drawing]]