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Memory Machine is an “open work”, which draws upon the archive of Hong Kong artist Ha Bik Chuen (1925 – 2009). It went live on August 14th, 2017. Artist Tyler Coburn conceived and wrote the initial draft, which focuses on the contact sheets of photographs that Ha took over the course of his career—many at the openings of local exhibitions. Wing Chan provided the Chinese translation, and Luke Gould and SB-PH designed the site. The typeface is Cutive Mono, an open source font designed by Vernon Adams.

Memory Machine is an “open work” and also a social network in search of members, who are invited to contribute writing related to Ha Bik Chuen: particularly, to the time they’ve spent in his archive. If you’re interested in contributing, please review the Help section of this site.

“To name an object”, according to Mallarmé, is “to suppress three-fourths of the enjoyment of the poem, which is composed of the pleasure of guessing little by little: to suggest, there is the dream.” 

Here, we suggest, we guess, we step on one another's toes, we overflow the pot, we begin again and again.  We write with the knowledge that our words are precarious; sooner or later, they may be cut, flattened, or spliced.  We write not for the sake of being preserved, but to revel in perpetual process.

有人在嗎,回憶編碼》是一個由夏碧泉檔案催化的「開放式」作品,於2017年8月14日上線。駐紐約藝術家兼作家Tyler Coburn由香港藝術家夏碧泉(1925-2009)的文獻庫中取材,構思並撰寫了《有人在嗎,回憶編碼》的初稿,原文為英文。Tyler集中書寫夏爺於藝術創作生涯中拍下的照片,當中大部分相辦呈現出香港展覽開幕禮的面貌。藝術家跨文化隔空傳話,照片內外互相發問,有人在嗎?初稿內容由陳穎華翻譯成中文;網頁設計師為Luke GouldSB-PH;英文字體Cutive Mono由Vernon Adams設計,為開放源碼的共享資源。


借用詩人兼文學評論家Stéphane Mallarmé的用語:「命名一件物事,彷彿會將詩歌帶來的四分之三樂趣壓抑下去,也就是犧牲掉逐步臆度詩意的興致──詩歌若夢,正因為其隱晦的本質。」在這經過編碼的回憶盒子裏,我們巧用語言隱喻,我們肆意猜度,甚至不惜觸犯彼此;我們推倒再來,重新出發。書寫之時,我們已知文字隨時任人擺布;假以時日,它們或被切割、扭曲,或將接合。書寫,不為立此存照,而是為了沉緬於這個永恆輪迴的發現過程。也許,一人盛載眾人的記憶,歷史的虛幻與真實、私密與集體,一次重讀又回到另一個起點。

Memory Machine is developed from a residency that is part of the Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project (2016 – 19) funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. All images on this site are courtesy of the Ha Bik Chuen family and Asia Art Archive.