—a bouquet of red flowers with a card reading “Congratulations”

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The photograph could be described as a portrait of two men: the man standing next to his illustration, and the man depicted therein.

  • One has a pen in his breast pocket
  • The other is made of stone
  • One is tight in the face, reserved —— as stony as the other

Who modeled whom?  Gertrude Stein, as she aged, came to resemble Picasso’s portrait; perhaps in this photograph, the artist is becoming his object.

可以說,這是兩個男子的肖像 一位站在自己插畫的旁邊 另外一位,立於畫中


那是誰?在模擬誰?Gertrude Stein年紀愈大,看起來愈像Pablo Picasso的肖像;也許,這張照片中,藝術家正在蛻變成他的作品。